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Reiki session- $60.00 per hour
Balance and purify your mind, body, and spirit with light. A Reiki Session provides a feeling of deep relaxation and blissful inner peace. Reiki Energy works holistically on the whole being body, mind, and spirit, breaking down energy disruptions and blockages, clearing and balancing energy pathways and allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. It is a high dimensional healing energy that stimulates and accelerates the body's own ability to heal. It can help with arthritis, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, pain, depression, and chronic illnesses. It is most profoundly useful to help someone heal quickly after surgery. It works hand in hand with any medical treatment you are receiving allowing you to recover faster and with less stress. There is only one guarantee Reiki has no side effects, and cannot harm you in any way.

Crystal Healing Session per hour- $65.00
Specifically chosen, powerful, natural, crystals are charged with High Dimensional Reiki Energy and placed upon and around the body to amplify and accelerate the healing process.

Long distance or remote sessions $30.00 per 30 minutes.
Do you live too far and maybe you are too ill to visit for in person Reiki? The High Dimensional Reiki Energy is not bound by time and space. It is just as powerful sent remotely or Long Distance. We don't need a phone connection or internet connection I just need your first and last name.

House Clearing- $50.00
This is all done remotely or long distance. All I need is the address and the owner's name. This process clears any negative residue. It can be very helpful if there is Energy in the land or in structure causing disruption. It will also effectively clear any negative earthbound spirit or ghost activity. If you are having trouble selling a home this may assist you as it balances and harmonizes the Energy in the land and the house. It's always a good practice to clear a new home too.

Intuitive Counseling - $45.00 per hour
Through accessing my inner wisdom, compassion, intuitive abilities and with the help of spiritual guides and Angels, I will provide guidance to assist you with your path and purpose. This counseling session can include one or more of the following: a relationship reading, an introduction to one of your spirit guides a, tarot card reading or even medium work which in some cases can include the clearing of a present life earthbound spirit attachment.

Soul Healing with Soul Realignment™
All services for Soul Healing with Soul Realignment can be found here.


I'm a master in eight Reiki styles or modalities. Of all of the modalities I have experienced and taught Gendai is the most useful for spiritual growth. It is a method of Reiki that is becoming popular globally. It appeals to me as a teacher because it contains several easy to learn methods of self-growth and self-healing. It also endeavors to teach the Reiki method of spiritual growth just as the founder of Reiki did. If practiced regularly Gendai Reiki will permeate your mind, body, and spirit with the High Dimensional Reiki Energy. Spiritual growth and a beneficial change in vibration will naturally occur. I teach Gendai to all beginning Reiki practitioners as it is the best Reiki method I know. The originator of this method of Reiki is Hiroshi Doi. His manual combines a few modern healing methods and most importantly he incorporates as much of the traditional spiritual principles of Reiki from the founder Mikao Usui as possible.

Japanese Reiki:

Gendai Reiki Shoden (Level One) - $200.00
Learn the secret to create a happy life. Awaken to the Light of Reiki with the Level One attunement. Included with the course is a manual, and certificate. Class is presented in one 4-5 hour session.

Gendai Reiki Okuden (Level Two) - $150.00
Strengthen your Reiki Energy by understanding the meaning and use of the first three Reiki Symbols and their Kotodamas. Learn the technique to send Reiki Energy long distance beyond time and space. Includes Reiki Level Two attunement and certificate. Class is presented in one 4-5 hour session.

It is recommended that you take Level one and two… 7 days apart. This is a great way to begin your Reiki journey.

Gendai Shinpiden (Level Three) - $150.00
Learn the sacred master symbol. Understand Reiki on deeper level, includes attunement to the powerful master symbol and Shinpiden certificate.

Gendai Level Four (The teachers Level) - $150.00
Learn to become a Gendai Reiki Shihan and a Reiki Teacher. Learn to awaken your family and students to the Light of Reiki. Includes instruction on how to perform Reiju for your students, integrated Gokuikaiden Attunement and Shihan certificate.

Understanding the healing power of crystals - $125.00
Understand techniques to
  • Energize and clear your aura with crystals
  • Raise the vibrational Energy of your environment with crystals and stones
  • Choose clear and program crystals
  • How stones can help you meditate or relax
  • Do healing crystal layouts for yourself and others to heal or relax
  • Discover how to use a crystal wand
  • How to grid a room to heighten the Energy and positive frequency of a space
  • How to make crystal elixirs
I also teach a beginning concept of sacred Geometry explaining how that relates to stones, their physical and etheric make up and the Energy they emanate. Lastly you will experience a crystal layout with fifty or more crystals designed to attune your physical and Etheric body to the sacred Energy of crystals. Includes a certificate, manual, and a set of chakra stones. Four to five hour class.

Advanced Reiki Modalities:

Karuna Reiki - $375.00
This is available for Reiki Masters who have been regularly using the Master symbol Energies for at least six months. A Reiki Master Certificate is a prerequisite for this class. Karuna Reiki takes the concept of Reiki as a joyful compassionate healing art to a higher level. (It was developed by William Lee Rand and International Center for Reiki Training). It allows for a deeper connection with higher spiritual energies. It is a taught in three four hour sessions that I recommend we arranged five to seven days apart. It contains two highly joyful attunements and eight truly amazing Karuna symbols. Also included is the powerful 'healing the shadow self' meditation provided by International Center For Reiki Training along with a short introduction to toning (healing with sound) and instructions on how to chant with Karuna mantras. At the end of the class you will be Registered with the International Center for Reiki Training as a Karuna Master and able to attune at the Karuna master level. Includes a helpful Manual and Certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training.

Lightarian Reiki
This is a truly wonderful way to raise your Vibration and enhance your healing abilities. Each highly powerful attunement connects you directly with a Celestial being. The whole system is supported by The Ascended Master Buddha. It is designed to impact the spiritual transformation that is taking place on earth in this time. The process is simple but exceedingly profound and powerful. This is only available to Reiki three students or Reiki Masters. If you are not one of my students a copy of a Level Three or Reiki Master certificate from your teacher is required. All of the levels can be performed long distance or remotely if necessary.

The Buddhic boost and Lightarian Reiki Level One and Two-- $150.00

Level Three, Level four and Level five and six are $50.00 each.

The Buddhic Boost is necessary to bridge the vibrational gap between Usui Reiki and Lightarian Reiki. Lightarian Reiki Level one and two begins your connection. Each continuing level develops a special connection to a celestial being. All attunements must be done 21 to 30 days apart.

At the end of your training and once you are registered with the Lightarian Institute you will have the ability to train your own students and provide attunements. A certificate is provided from the Center for Reiki Inner Peace as you complete Level Five and Six.

Private classes: I have found that private classes allow for the student to thoroughly learn what I teach with no distractions. It is a private healing experience that can allow the student to grow spiritually. Private classes are available at no extra charge

A Monthly Reiki Share is provided so that students can meet, practice and exchange Energy. This service is provided at no extra cost to the student. Extra lessons and Reiju (Reiki blessing to strengthen the Reiki connection) are also provided at the monthly gathering (Reiki Share) or at request any time at no extra charge.

To schedule a class or session, contact Pam at: (317) 513-0335 or email at pam@ReikiInnerPeace.com

A friend of mine recommended Pam Jones as my teacher for Reiki training. I was a little hesitant at first since I knew nothing about her, but I trusted my friends judgment and scheduled a Reiki I class. The minute I met Pam all my hesitations faded. I felt like I knew her for years. I was very comfortable with her and her teaching style was/is very relaxed, open, explorative and extremely informative. Questions were never too silly to ask. Pam has so much knowledge on so many topics and levels, I could sit and chat with her for days. She is non-judgmental and has great insight which has helped me along my journey. I have taken Pam's classes and have accomplished my Usui Reiki Master and my Gendai Shihan training. I love her teaching methods and will continue to take her classes. I can call or email Pam at any time for advice, help with a question, chit-chat about something I dreamed or guidance on my journey. I can't say enough good things about Pam.