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We are ancient beings. Our souls have existed for eons.
Soul Realignment™ is a three part process:

Soul Healing: Your soul is that part of you that is made totally of Light. It is the essence of you. It is immortal, infinite and ancient. Fashioned by the Infinite Divine Creator eons ago, it is a traveler through time and space…experiencing lifetime after lifetime. To assist us in our spiritual evolution we were created with free will. We use this free will daily creating our own experiences. We create our lives, our paths and our destinies with our intensions and our thoughts. Problems occur when we become stuck in negative patterns. Over a span of many lifetimes and because of the experience of the trauma and confusion that can exist in this dimension ... we sometimes make choices that are not in our best interest. These choices can develop into highly negative patterns. Some of these patterns are very old and resonate from past lives. These patterns eventually become blocks and restrictions. These blocks and restrictions stand in the way of our spiritual growth and evolution. Through the process of accessing the record of your soul in the Akashic Library I will be able to clear and remove these blocks and restrictions. This is the Soul Healing process.

What are the Akashic Records or Library?

Akasha is Sanskrit word meaning sky, space, ether. This is where the records or the library resides in another higher dimension, a higher heaven dimension. All vibration of who you are and have been since your soul's creation is recorded there. So to bring it into modern language-you can think of it as a Universal Super Computer. The record of anything that exists is present in this etheric space.

Soul Profile: This is a written or verbal report that tells you the origin of your soul. It will also tell you with what talents and gifts you were created. This knowledge is designed to free you from confusion and to enable you to know your true self. It is a profound experience to understand and know your true self.

Soul Story: So that you don't fall back into the same negative patterns … we will talk about the past life (or lives) where some of the blocks and restrictions occurred so that you can consciously understanding what happened. This is designed to allow you to move beyond the trauma and confusion that occurred. Once this process is completed everyone seems to experience a sensation of renewal and relief, sometimes immediately, sometimes over a period of 21 days. I have even seen some chronic physical maladies eased by this process. Also if you are a Reiki Practitioner or any other kind of Lightworker… we have all found that our ability to channel Light is vastly improved.

Please take a moment to read a few testimonials

Soul Healing and Renewal gives you a new beginning. I discovered I could be calm or calm myself in times where in the past I had panic attacks. Pain that was a daily part of life lessened or disappeared. I was able to lower the amount of medication I've taken for ADHD because I didn't need as much anymore. I feel free like a 20 ton weight has been lifted off me and the energy I now have! I'm not sure what to do with it. The soul story answered so many questions and also made complete sense. Beliefs and thoughts that I had never shared with anyone were explained through the story. I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone. I think that it should be offered at birth so that everyone truly has a fresh start. L. Zajac

Having Soul Realignment™ done has changed my life in profound ways! It helped me to understand certain decisions I have made in the past and better understand who I am as a person. It is a wonderful feeling to have validation for who you are on a soul level! Being able to finally let go of things that have weighed me down and prevented me from moving forward on my path has been a life changing experience! I would highly recommend it to everyone! Forever grateful, J. Fodera

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that came from the Soul Realignment™. It has helped me focus better and has improved my ability to use Reiki in my daily healing. One of the most noticeable improvements has been in my tolerance for others and my acceptance of difficult situations. The soul story really makes you aware of why we do some of the things that we do, and what motivates us to do those things. This has been a blessing for me and my family. Thanks so much. B. J.

The thought of Soul Realignment™ seemed a little out there and the thought of it made me a little uncomfortable. Pam provided a clear explanation and answered all of my questions before I decided to proceed. Having my Soul Realignment™ was one of the best decisions I have ever made. There was no pain involved and Pam was there every step of the way, both during and after. I did not feel this magical great feeling all of a sudden, but every day, I started feeling better and better, as if I were sick and did not know it. Additionally, it also felt like a fog had been lifted and I had better clarity and self-confidence based on what I learned from the clearing and Pam and who I am. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off my heart. My friends have commented on how much more relaxed I am. Everything that was cleared made sense. My husband and son have had it done and my daughter will be next. I highly recommend Soul Realignment™ with Pam Jones. It is like having a clean slate then you are in charge of moving forward with a fantastic future here and beyond. S.K.

Soul Healing with Soul Realignment™ Services

Soul Realignment™ Introductory price- $150.00
This includes the Soul Healing, the written or verbal Soul Profile, Soul story and a consultation or reading with me so that you can ask any further questions you might have. You will also be provided with a prayer or affirmation to say for a period of time to help you along in your journey.

Life Situation Reading for Additional clearing and insight- $75.00
Once you have experienced the initial Soul Realignment™ process you may over a period of several months find you are still having some problems. Sometimes clearing and healing is a process that takes time. When this next clearing is necessary it will present as difficulties and obstacles to your spiritual growth or what is referred to as Life situations. The life situation reading can go deeper and further in helping you to gain insight, growth and clarity. You tell me what life situations are creating problems for you and we go from there.

Relationship Reading- $50.00
This reading can be for a relative, mother, sister, child or friend as well as for our significant other. The goal of this reading is to help you understand the relationship, see it from a soul level, and understand why you chose to incarnate together. This reading can really help you understand what is happening in a relationship especially if it's having difficulty. This reading is performed by accessing the soul record of both parties in Akashic Library.

Spirit Guide Profile Report- $50.00
Our Spirit guides are with us all the time helping us in any way they can. They are a valuable and useful spiritual resource. So what is a spirit guide? These are souls just like you and me it is just that they have evolved a little more. They have a slightly higher spiritual vibration than we do and no longer feel a need to incarnate but want to be of service to others. You actually hire them for their specific talents and gifts before you incarnate in this lifetime. They operate only on your intensions with your goals for your experiences in this lifetime in mind. They are here to guide, serve, and support. This report will tell you how many you have, who they are, and what their role on your guide team is.

Property Realignment to clear the Energy of your home: $50.00
Your home or office and the land it sits on have an etheric record in the Akashic Library. I will be able to tell you if there are any blocks and restrictions on the land and therefore in the property. This is all done long distance. All I need is the address and the owner's name. This can be very helpful if the Energy in a home or office is causing disruption. It will also effectively clear any negative earthbound spirit or ghost activity.