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Reiki is a simple but profound form of energy therapy. It is designed to provide a deep and therapeutic state of relaxation, release stress and promote healing.

How does it work?
The meaning of the word Reiki is- spiritually guided life energy. This means that during a Reiki session it is not the practitioner's energy that is directed to you. Instead a connection is established during the session between the Spiritually Guided Life Energy and the recipient. The practitioner acts only as a channel. This pure high vibrational energy automatically adjusts to suit the recipient so that they receive as much or as little as they need. It can do no harm as any healing taking place is governed by the recipient's own body and the All Knowing Divine Light.

What is a Reiki Session like?
Unlike massage it is not necessary to disrobe in any way for a Reiki Session. The Reiki practitioner directs the energy from the palms of their hands to you. A light touch is sometimes felt or none at all as the practitioner directs the energy to your aura and physical body. As the session begins you will feel a gentle warmth and then a feeling of calm as the energy begins wash over your being. Some people fall into a light dream state. The session normally takes an hour.

What can Reiki do for you?
  • It can boost your creativity and or help you solve problems as the healing energy can dissolve emotional blocks that cloud or confuse your thinking.
  • It can lighten your mood, heal anxiety and ease depression.
  • It is most effective at releasing stress which can boost your immune system and promote better holistic health.
  • Physical problems may ease or get progressively better with Reiki energy.
  • Reiki has been known to assist a faster recovery after surgery. It can work in harmony with any medical treatment.
What Reiki is not
  • Though Reiki is spiritually guided and therefore is spiritual in nature it is not a religion or affiliated with a specific religion. You can practice any religion or none and still benefit from Reiki.
  • People of many faiths use and benefit from Reiki, there are a number of Christians who are Reiki practitioners (ChristianReiki.org).
  • Reiki is not massage it does not manipulate the body in any way.