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The room I do Reiki sessions in is a four season sun room with walls and a ceiling of the glass. A private meditation garden surrounds it. I have furnished it with soft comfortable furniture and a bubbling fountain. It has been designed to be a refuge of peace and Divine light. I call it my sanctuary.

My massage table is 3 inches wider than a normal table and equipped with 6 inches of memory foam for your comfort. I have an assortment of pillows of different density for under your head or for under your legs. It is very important to me that your experience is one of comfort, peace, and enjoyment.

Reiki Crystal healing
Quartz crystals and stones are full of subtle light and energy. The energy they emanate can be used to facilitate meditation, relaxation, and healing. They have the ability to amplify the Divine Energy channeled during a Reiki session. Amethyst, Petalite, and Celestite, assist in the relaxation a client experiences. Obsidian and Kyanite aid in the removal of energy blockages. These are just a few of the metaphysical properties of Stones.

During the Reiki session I place a number of powerful quartz crystals under the healing table to increase the energy of the session. I place them around the body and on the body as needed to increase the healing effect of the session. I find this method of Reiki Crystal healing to being highly beneficial as it intensifies the energy channeled, aids in the release of blocked energy and allows for a deeper state of relaxation.